Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Stand Up, Sit Down, Fight, Fight, Fight

This guy. 
Did this.
During the playing of the national anthem. 

He made a statement explaining why he chose to sit rather than stand. Tradition calls for Americans to stand during the playing of the national anthem. Colin Kaepernick has his reasons for exercising his right of free speech. I'm not going to comment as to if those reasons are appropriate or valid. That is not the point of this post. It is this.

Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech. Under the constitution he has the absolute right to sit during the national anthem. He can set forth any reason or reasons he wants. I only have two issues. 

First, those who employ him as a representative of their product or service have no obligation to continue to employ him. His free speech right may cost him endorsements. I doubt it will put his football career in jeopardy. Skilled NFL quarterbacks are an extremely rare commodity. He will not be judged on if he stood or sat during the national anthem. He will retain or lose that job based on his playing ability. I have a fantasy football team. He is not my quarterback. It has nothing to do with his decision to sit. It has everything to do with his ability to play football. There were better players available. 

The second issue has to do with what I see as a double standard. When the duck dynasty star spewed his racist and sexist nonsense many were screaming bloody murder when there was talk of cancelling the show or booting him off. Many of those same folks are now screaming for Colin Kaepernick's firing. Those who defended Kim Davis' position to exercise her freedom of religion to deny gays marriage licenses are opposed to his right to exercise his free speech. It just seems to me that contrary to what many claim there is a racial component to this. This uppity n------- needs to stand during the national anthem and then get out there an play some football. If he can't stand his black ass up he shouldn't get to play. It is just wrong. They are just wrong. 

I think what is important to me is that I get to hear a variety of viewpoints. I won't agree with all of them. Some I may find extremely offensive. It does not mean I want them silenced. If, like Mr. Kaepernick, they are peacefully calling attention to what they perceive to be injustices they should be allowed, dare I say, even encouraged to exercise their free speech rights. So, for my part, Colin, speak. Say what you need to say.  Try to move the conversation about justice and black lives and experience forward. 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Things You See on a Walk

Lily, Rose and I go out and walk every morning. First question might be this one. Why in the morning? The most important reason is that it is summer and hot as hell. I can't tell you what it has been on Tybee Island, however today was Savannah's 69th consecutive day with a high temperature for the day has been above 90 degrees. I don't usually keep track of the temperature but a few days ago when I finished walking the temperature at 9:15 was 87 with a heat index of 97. By the afternoon the heat index is about 110. The other problem is the sand street and paved streets are too hot for Lily and Rose's feet. Before we went out this morning I checked the weather radar because the forecast included rain. The radar showed rain to the west that was moving west away from the island. So out the door we went. Trying to be sensible I figured walking near home would be prudent. The farthest we would get from the house would be three quarters of a mile. The pace I walk at the worst it would be about a 12 minute walk in the rain to get home. So off we went. Sure enough at the far point of the walk it started raining. Not hard but enough. We headed for home. Before we got halfway back the rain stopped. Might as well make another lap. Same thing happened again. Before it started again I got these pictures of a rainbow over the marsh. 

We continued walking and on the next lap came across this turtle crossing Solomon Avenue. 
He or she didn't want anything to do with Rose and Lily. 

The turtle headed back to the woods and we continued on our walk. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What Are We Doing

August 8, 2016 was Earth Overshoot Day this year. What does that mean? It means that with over four months left in the year mankind has used up the amount of biodiversity the Earth can produce in a year. We are now borrowing from our future. Earth Overshoot Day arrived five days earlier than it did last year. It is reasonable to ask how the date is calculated. It is based on our demand for resources like crop land, livestock, fish stock, use of forests for timber, space used for urban infrastructure and carbon emissions. We began going in debt in the 1970's and as a point of reference Earth Overshoot Day in 1971 was December 24th. We are now at the point where we are using 1.6 Earths per year. If we do not change our ways by 2030 we will be sing the equivalent of two Earths. The problem is we only have one. 

I write about this because it bothers me. Not so much because I'm concerned about how it may affect me. I'm an old man. I suspect before things get too bad my time on Earth will be over. I have children and grandchildren. I don't wonder any more what kind of Earth we will leave them. We are in southern Georgia during the hottest summer on record. Savannah is on its 57th consecutive day with a high temperature above 90 degrees. It appears based on the current weather forecast that trend will continue for at least another week. I understand that weather short term is not climate change. I do not understand how folks can look at long term global warming and deny it is happening. In the kindest terms I can manage, those who deny climate change and mankind's role in it, are idiots. So what can we do? 

Eat less meat especially beef. It takes 14 times more land to produce 1 ton of beef as it does to produce 1 ton of grain. I like a good steak or hamburger but not so much that I'm willing to destroy the Earth to have one. 

Lower your electrical consumption. I read an article recently that indicated that all the electric power used in the United States could be produced by solar power by setting aside six tents of one percent of our land for that purpose. Zero emissions. I understand it would adversely impact those who mine coal and produce oil. If we don't change there will be little demand for what they produce because there will be few people left to use them. 

Reduce paper waste. In the United States alone one billion trees worth of paper are thrown away each year. Recycle paper, use recycled paper, use email, just do whatever you can to reduce paper waste. 

Use alternate transportation like walking or biking when possible. Utilize public transportation. 

The dinosaurs were destroyed by an asteroid. They ruled the Earth for millions of years. Mankind has been dominate on this planet for much less than a million years. I would argue less than 10,000 years. We are, through our actions and ignorance, destroying our world. We are not as smart as we think we are. The Earth will go on. Man may become another failed evolutionary pathway. We need to change now. We can sit back and think our individual actions will have no effect. It will contribute to our demise. The clock is ticking. The timer is headed for zero. Do something. 

Sunday, August 7, 2016


The picture above is a motorized suitcase. My question. Why? Are we, as Americans, that lazy? Do we travel with that much crap? So much we can't drag it around on wheels? Who thought of this? I've never been in an airport, or anywhere else for that matter, where I thought life would be better if I could ride around on my suitcase. Honestly I think I would be embarrassed to be seen riding around on that stupid looking thing. 

I think women would find this offensive and children would be confused. Guys? Well they would understand this immediately. 

I saw this the other day and given what I've seen about the water quality for some of the outdoor aquatic events it seems very accurate. 

This has long been my feeling about those complaining about homosexuals. I don't waste any time concerning myself with what a homosexual does in their bedroom. I think people who do are the problem. 

Someone posted this today and I liked the picture enough to share it with all of you. 

Finally, today is National Lighthouse Day. Thought I'd share this picture of Tybee Island's from Memorial Day 2016. 

Friday, August 5, 2016

Beer Snob

It is no secret to those who know Carol and I that we like beer. All kinds of beer. Almost anything that has beer on the label is something we will try. Samples aren't those little one ounce things some bars give you. Give us a full glass of whatever you have on draft or something interesting in a can or bottle. We have been privileged to be able to frequent Budde's in Galesburg, Illinois. The beer is always changing in the taps so you get to try new things. The pizza is the best in town. Everyone has their favorite beer and Carol's is New Holland Cabin Fever. 
When it is on tap she will go every day until it is gone. If I find it in a store I will buy as much as I can afford. 
When fall rolls around she loves to drink Octoberfest beers. We were at Benny's on Tybee Island last week and they said Sam Adams Octoberfest would be on tap starting August 3rd. We went yesterday so she could have a couple. We were back again today. Seems like they start serving it earlier every year. It brings me to the beer snob part of the story. 
Diane Budde sent us a text yesterday asking when we would be back in Galesburg because she was ordering Octoberfest beers. At some point the coolers will hold most of these. 
Carol and I were talking this morning about the Octoberfest beers and I mentioned she had already had one. Her response: "It was just Sam Adams!" So, for that comment, I have officially pronounced her a Beer Snob. Really, just Sam Adams? 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Your Life is NOT This Boring

On April 19, 2016 the Newlead Castellano made a bulk sugar delivery in the Port of Savannah to Imperial Sugar. The Greek parent company Newlead defaulted on the loan for the 600 foot long ship. It was seized by the U.S. Marshals Servive. The crew is Flipino and had not been paid for several months. Since they lack the proper documentation to enter the United States they must stay with the ship. It has been anchored 6 miles off the Tybee coast since that mid April day. Gerald LoPreiato of the National Maritime Service is on board to monitor the crew and ship until it is sold. The creditor has stepped in and paid the crew, insured the ship has fuel and provisions for the crew. Most of the crew have not been home in over a year. They take the jobs on ships because they make in one month on ship what they would make in 4 or 5 months at home. I don't know how the weather has been six miles off shore. Savannah is currently in its third longest heat wave on record with the last 42 days being above 90 degrees. 
So when you think things suck. When you think your job couldn't get worse. Remember the crew of the Newlead Castellano. Hot, unpaid, anchored off shore for months and your world is 600 feet of steel and stink. Feeling better about your situation yet? 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Random Shorts

Things I think about. 
Another stupid thing I hear on the news here almost daily is on crime stoppers. They describe some recent crime and always seem to finish with this statement. "If you know anything contact the police." I know lots of stuff. I keep thinking I should call and tell them a few things. Maybe talk about global warming or election year politics. You would think if they wanted information about the crime they described that they would request you contract them if you know anything about that. Dealing with granddaughters has taught me if you don't ask a specific question you will not get the answer you are searching for. 

Donald Trump has been bragging about his high IQ. I have doubts. 
A grade school kid should be able to use their instead of there and waste instead of waist. Donald, maybe one of your kids should help you out. 

I'm generally not a huge fan of photoshopped images. I do however enjoy this one. It is very overdone but somehow just works for me. 

Okay, maybe I reveal some immaturity here but to me, that's funny. 

We saw this car at Home Depot the other day. Isn't there something special about a car made of steel with huge fins and a convertible top? 

I can't find any reason to argue with this advice.

I will not add to or detract from that thought. 

No argument from me on that assessment. 

I have that effect on folks. I think I'll go now.