Monday, January 30, 2017


We spent the weekend in Camden, South Carolina working on a home improvement project for Carol's sister and her husband. In the middle of the afternoon we determined we would be a few pieces of wood short. We had to head to Columbia, South Carolina to get what we needed. When we parked we noticed this truck a few spaces over in the parking lot. 

It is a 1976 Ford pickup truck in excellent restored condition. I say restored because I doubt this color was available back then. 

The interior was also very nicely done. 

The truck bed had been lightly used. A few minor scratches. 

A view of the rear. 

As we were walking away the owner was walking toward us and wanted to know if we were interested in buying. We talked a few minutes about old trucks and told him what a nice one he had. He never mentioned a price and we didn't ask. Another vehicle just isn't in the budget. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017


Our son John and daughter in law Mandie's Middle daughter is Audrey. She is a very sweet, intelligent and polite young lady. It seems to me the only way you have wonderful children like Audrey is because you are wonderful parents. Today Mandie posted on Facebook that Audrey was 4th grade student of the month at her school. Being a wonderful student is just part of Audrey's story. She is a great competitor in tumbling and helps at the local animal shelter. She has a kind and loving spirit. 

The award letter from her teacher. 

Miss Audrey with her proud parents Mandie and John. 

Audrey with her teacher Miss Dyche. 

Congratulations Audrey!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Offensive? Maybe

There are a few issues I feel like addressing. If any of it offends you there are plenty of other blogs and pages on the Internet to read or view.

I'll start with this image. I assume some dimwitted asshole thinks that former President Obama was a Muslim, Kenyan, socialist who kicked Jesus out of the White House. Since there is supposed to be a separation of church and state a reasonable Harvard Law School educated, duly elected, constitutional scholar would understand that he may hold any personal religious beliefs he wants but that he is forbidden from pushing them on to the citizens he has been elected to lead. Now we have a Republican President who has no idea what being a Christian means aside from being one of the tools in his bag of tricks to fool the feeble minded who can't see through his veil of bullshit. It would seem that Republicans would not be too keen on Jesus. He was after all a Jew from the Middle East. He went around telling folks to take care of the poor. He provided free health care to all even to the point of raising the dead. Clearly our current President would not want anyone to raise the dead for fear they would vote in the next election along with those millions of illegals that no one can seem to locate.

The only thing that surprises me about this one is that the two folks pictured appear to be white. Of course if the slope headed moron who developed this would take a little time to do some research he (it has to be a man) would discover that the states with the largest numbers of folks receiving government benefits are ruled by Republicans (read conservatives).

I rather enjoyed this one. Perhaps the proposed Secretary of Education should learn a little bit about sentence construction in the English language. To quote her perspective boss: "She needs to work on this bigly."

 Once again some idiot decided to post something that makes zero sense. Women marched to defend their rights not because any had been taken away by the President. They are working to maintain the gains they have made and not to take any steps backward. In addition, it appears from what he has said in the past he does intend to take away some of their rights. He opposes equal pay, he intends and has moved to restrict abortion rights. So, what is wrong with putting the President on notice that if those rights are restrict in an manner there will be a political price he will pay as a result? I recall plenty of protests about former President Obama allegedly taking away gun rights and confiscating guns even though neither happened.

In an effort to be a little bit balanced in my commentary I do agree with the above. Both political parties should be interested in what helps the American people and not just in the bullshit they have been scooping to get reelected.

Since this is my blog and I have a beard I agree with this. Well unless of course the current occupant of the White House grows a beard. He would still be a problem in my opinion.

Thursday, January 19, 2017


We get a new president tomorrow. So today seems like a good day to make fun of him. 

My personal favorite is the "Fat Bastard" picture. 

She may be revealing our future. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


I try to take a long walk every day. I guess long is a subjective term. What I think is long may just be a pleasant stroll for you. I try to take a five mile walk every day. Rose and or Lily go with me. I can't remember the last time I walked that far without one or both of them. Why walk? The answer is relatively simple. It gives me time to think. What is going on in our nation. What is going on in the world. What is going on in my life, my kids and grandkids lives and with Carol.

I track my walking a couple of different ways. First, I wear a Fitbit. Last year according to my tracker I walked 1,734 miles or 3,834,929 steps. The other way I track is by using a program on my iPhone called Map My Walk. It uses GPS to track where I walk, how many steps and how many miles. I have it set up to give me feedback on my pace every quarter mile. I had to stop using it for a while because it was making my walks less fun. I found myself trying to maintain a certain pace and with Lily and Rose that just isn't practical. They have things to do. Sniff interesting spots along the way. Stop to go potty. They would stop and I would get frustrated because I was knocked off pace. Obsessive compulsive people can't have things like that telling them how they are doing without some problem. It took time but I finally figured out the problem wasn't the program it was me. So now I listen to how far I've gone but don't pay much attention to how long it is taking. The walk is to clear my mind, not worry about how fast I'm going. I have managed to rediscover the joy in taking a good long walk. The sound of the ocean waves crashing against the shore. The flowers in the yards, The trees and bushes. The thumping of roofers repairing the hurricane damage. The smell of new cut grass. There are plenty of things more important than how fast I'm walking.

So, go out and take a walk. Make sure you walk along a route you normally drive. You will be surprised how many things you notice at 3 miles per hour that you miss completely at 30 mph.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Junk Email

I check my junk email from time to time just to see if anything important got routed to the wrong mailbox. After checking today I don't think so but I will share with my dear readers to see if anyone thinks I may have missed an important opportunity.

Brittany starts with the header: "Wanna hang out?" She offers a link I can click on to see her "sexy profile". She says: "I joined so I could cheat on my boyfriend." She wants to know what I think. Well Brittany, I think not. You sound like a disease ridden skank. Next.

BBW Desire Agent starts with a header: "Please do not tell anyone". Well, please keep this to yourselves. She also provides a link to someone she alleges wants to sleep with me. I should only visit the link if I can keep a secret. Since I told all of you I guess I don't qualify. I think if I clicked the link at least my computer would get infected. The email closes with "Have fun!"

EasySex Ad-Partner opens with the header: "Sexy video profile". It says: "Check out this sexy video profile of a woman that wants to meet a man to date and sleep with!" I think not.

LLive Nuudee Showss wants me to "WatchhGirlsStriipNaaked" Someone needs to work on their spelling.

E3mma starts with a header: "i c we r close...hang". The body of the message is a real keeper. "A group of girls that live in your area have been desperately searching guys that they can have sex with. They had no luck looking on their own so they joined this dating site. Ever since they joined they have been sleeping with a bunch of guys but they need some new members to join. That is where you come in. If you follow the link below you will be able to have sex with all of these girls whenever you want." Really? Any time I want? How about never? Is that a good time for them?

Instant Orgasms starts with the header: "She wants an orgasm". The body of the email is just a red lettered sentence stating: "She wants an instant orgasm." All I need to do is click the link. UMMMM- NO.

Ryaan emailed with the following header: "I want to buuy yuur timeeshare". The are a few problems here Ryaan. First yuuu kan't spel worth a shiiit. Second you dimwit I don't have a timeeshare or a timeshare for you to buy. So Fuuuuck OOOFFF.

EasySex AdPartner had this header: "Check out these sexy profiles". It goes on to say: "Sexually active women that live near you are posting naked pictures dating profiles of themselves. Check out all of the sexy profiles of single women in your area that you can meet in person!" Again click this link. They close with: "Warning: If you join this dating community you will be contacted by hundreds of women within a couple of weeks." This is a problem for me. First I would need to hire a clerical person to screen my calls. Hundreds, I don't have time for that in two weeks. I'm old and frail. Oh, and not at all interested.

I will confess to being a bit disappointed. No lottery winnings waiting for my bank account information. No inheritance from a Nigerian prince. No business partner wanting to throw millions of dollars at me for a once in a lifetime opportunity. Just Ryaan wanting to buy a timeeshare I don't have and hundreds of women wanting to meet me and sleep with me. I must confess I have never been this popular with the ladies in the past.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Side Trip

My friend Mike often writes in his amazing blog about taking side trips on his road trips in BFE and Florida. A while back I decided that I had driven past a sign on Interstate 95 in South Carolina too many times. It was time to head off the interstate and into the real world. The highway marker was for the Tuskegee Airmen. The Walterboro Army Airfield was located at what is now the Lowcounty Regional Airport. The military base hosted the largest camouflage school in the United States, a 250 person prisoner of war camp and trained over 500 of the Tuskegee Airmen in advance combat fighter training after they graduated from the Tuskegee Army Airfield in Tuskegee, Alabama. I encourage you to take some time and read about these brave American pilots who often found the white German prisoners of war were better treated than they were. Here are some pictures of the memorial.